1-Core IT partner of Erasmus 2015-1-TR01-KA202-022342 project in the framework of “KA2 Cooperation for Innovation and The Exchange of Good Practices Strategic Partnerships”. Teachers play a crucial role in awaking learners to realize both opportunities and challenges in the process of utilizing knowledge in these modernized days. Providing up-to-date education related to the field of teachers stands to be in a vital position in teacher education concerning the fact that they are serving as a bridge connecting the environment to learners along with the institutions. Unless they reach the contemporary information related to the modern world during their education, a risk of losing the connection will arise. Dli@t consortium has developed training modules.

2-Core IT partner of F4ESL- From Farm to Fork European Food Safety Legislation LLL TOI project (2009-1– tr1–leo05-08647). leaded by KSL ( TR) As sole IT partner of F4ESL Leonardo transfer of innovation project Consortium, all IT tasks covering the development management and implementation of 106 lectures using an open source platform in 3 languages with the participation of applicants from 55 countries 1200 participants, tracked and reported all courses activities,managed database and executed surveys.F4esl From Farm to Fork EUFood Safety

3- Associated partner of LLP partnership project “ Building Up a Network for Dissemination of the Novel Food Legislation and new technologies used in novel food production leaded by the Turkish Ministry of agriculture grant agreement no: 2008-1-TR1-LEO04-02238 1