About Us

“Office-fr” is a key technology user company focused on new learning methodologies, infrastructures, tools and models. Founded in 2005  as web based knowledge company , the startup “office-fr” became a limited company in 2010. “Office-fr” is a trade mark of ALTERNA Consultancy and Information technology limited company. The founder and partner of “Office-fr” Mrs Fatma Günseli Ozkan is an individual member of European Center of Women and Technology http://www.ecwt.eu/en/home
She is a strong supporter of “women go digital” movement which is the pillar of ICT target of “Horizon 2020”. She actively takes part of the implementation activities of women go digital movement as the chair of the NGO K-GEM Women and Yıuth Entrepreneurship (www.k-gem.org) Center accredited as EVS Sender and Cooperation Institution by Turkish National Agency.

As confirmed developer of international delivered multilingual learning course we shared our experience by two articles.
1- Our project /elearning experiences and outcomes have been published by Anatolian University e learning book in 2011 (Anatolian University Publications 2400/77).
2. Joint article with Prof. Uğur Demiray presented to Pmi 2012 summit at Boshorus University Istanbul.“How to face technological tsunami in education? Regional Clustering?”